In Loving Memory
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In Loving Memory
My Beloved Sheebah-Dog.
January 1996 (approx) - September 20, 2008.
My co-hort, confident & friend from March 22, 1996 to the end.

What can I say..... I had Sheebah before I had a husband, children, my own house....she was my sidekick.
Where I went, she went.  My friends all knew that if I was there, Sheebah would be, too. No questions asked. She slept in my bed. Always my watchful bodyguard. Always up for a romp when I went horseback riding. Loved to swim, she could climb trees, she could sniff out & find just about anything I ever hid from her. Fetching was her passion. She could also tell the difference between whatever stick we'd been playing with & a different one and would not bring back the wrong one...even if I tried to trick her into playing with a different one. She'd bring back the remaining toothpick of the original stick and want me to throw it, but would refuse to fetch a
new one if I tried to replace the original; would search for that toothpick until she found it & I threw it again.  She'd put her stick/ball wherever I told her to; If I said "put it here Sheebs" she'd place or toss it to wherever I was pointing. She knew the difference between her "ball" and a "stick" and would bring whichever I asked for.
One summer we went on a road trip to Wyoming together; just us two girls. She stayed in the hotel with me and sat in the passenger seat the whole trip. We had a great time!

She was a lab/hound cross "mutt" that I adopted from the humane society. She and her sister had been dumped in a ditch, and both were thin, scared puppies. Her sister had already been adopted when I went to look at dogs at the humane society.  Just little pathetic Sheebs was left. When I saw her, I knew she was my girl & she came home with me that day.

When I had children of my own, it was sad to see Sheebah slip into the shadows of my life. And even harder to see her decline into the end of hers; getting sore, stiffer, more tired, more white on her muzzle. Her hearing went, her eyes turned grey. The hardest part was seeing an old friend dying....and knowing it was coming & nothing could be done about it. She was always there, ready & waiting for me when I did have extra time to play with her. But our romps & adventures were fewer & much further between. And
she couldn't keep up like she used to. Her arthritis made it difficult for her to get up or run for very long in the end.
She was a good & faithful friend; more loyal than any human I've even encountered.

Her passing is the end of an era for me. She was what was left of my teenage years. So hard to see both slip away.......and so time goes on.......

Always loved & always missed; there are some holes that can not be refilled.
Missy (Cock A Chon):
A baby picture of Missy is on our "Testimonials & Past Pups" page under the "Previous Cock A Chon Puppies" section.

Missy is very special. She has a wonderful family that loved her dearly.   Her family said that she was very outgoing, fearless and happy. She loved everybody, people and animals. The best dog they'd ever had. 
They said she got tall, but was only about 13 lbs. at 7 months. Kept her floppy Cocker ears, and stayed non-shedding like the Bichons.

Tragically, over the 4th Of July weekend, 2007, Missy broke her leash, and was hit by a car. The family
contacted me, absolutely devistated.   They said Missy had been such a great puppy and they wanted
another just like her.  I told them they could have pick of our next litter of puppies. They ended up
choosing Jack, a male Cock-A-Chon (also listed in the Previous Cock-A-Chon Puppies section).

We're terribly sorry for their loss and our hearts go out to them.  And very touched that they
thought of us and came back to us for a "replacement".

Here are some pictures of  Missy and "her girl"....

Rest In Peace Sweet Puppy.

UPDATE: There is a happy ending to this story...The Cock-A-Chon named Jack, who is listed on the
Testimonials & Past Pups page (there are baby pictures of Jack on that page as well as an update
letter & adult picture) was the "replacement" for Missy. 
He's doing wonderfully & his family loves him! 

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Lacy has been retired and re-homed. She was our first Bichon Frise and a very much-loved part of our family. We were able to find a perfect life-long retirement home for her. She's living the high & pampered lifestyle that she deserves!
Lacy and Frilly were our first two Bichon Frises. Both were a very much-loved part of our family. We were able to find a perfect life-long retirement homes for them where they lived the high & pampered lifestyles that they deserved! Sadly Lacy passed away in 2016 and Frilly in 2017. 
Many tears were shed at their losses. 
Rest in peace baby girls.
On the deck.
Here you can see all of Ranger's pretty colors!
Sleeping under my desk by my feet.
Being a Mooch in the kitchen.
Sitting Pretty!
Don't tell anybody you caught me sleeping with the cat!  Oh how humiliating!!
He likes sleeping in the baby's "Boppy Pillow"
Snuggling with our little girls
"I don't think I like being a princess...."
Ranger: 2004-2018.
The foundation of our breeding program. He was part of our family from 2005 until his passing in 2018. We sure do miss our pretty boy. You can read about him on the "Meet Our Dogs" page of this site.
We got 18" of snow on this day!