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We do not currently have any available puppies.
If you would like to be added to the waiting list for a future litter, email through our Contact page and we'd be happy to add you.

Thank you!
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Puppy Prices & Sales Info:

Cock-A-Chon puppies prices are typically $350-$500, depending on color & gender. 
A non-refundable deposit of $100 will reserve your puppy for you. 
Balance is due when you pick your puppy up.
We do not take deposits or reservations until there is a litter of puppies born. 
(we don't count our puppies before they're hatched...) 

When you purchase a puppy from us, the following things are included:
All puppies are vet checked. They are wormed & have their first shots. 
All puppies come with a New Puppy Kit, which typically includes puppy care book, health & record info, a toy and/or a chewies, a blanket and other goodies. Our puppies are raised on Purina Puppy Chow and typically their kit includes a sample of, and a coupon for, Purina Puppy Chow.
They also come with a slip from the vet stating that they were checked healthy.

Should you send a deposit and your puppy would pass away or the vet would find a permanent, life-threatening problem with it's health at it's health check, you'd get to choose a different, comparable puppy.  You would either get choice on any remaining unreserved puppies from the current litter, or, should all from the current litter be reserved, you'd get to choose a comparable puppy from the next available litter. 

We've never had a puppy fall ill or pass away after being reserved, but thought it would be best to cover this topic, in case the issue should arise.  All monies are non-refundable.

Email me if you'd like to be contacted when we have available puppies. I'll put you on the list & let you know when puppies are born, at which point you can reserve your choice of puppy. There is usually a list of people waiting for puppies.  So if you want puppies, please get in touch as soon as possible so your spot on the list will be held.  If there are more requests than puppies, you'll be put on the list for our next litter & contacted first when they're expected or arrive. They're first-request-first-serve. If your turn on the waiting list comes up and you pass on the litter but want to stay on the list for a future litter, you will be moved to the bottom of the waiting list. It's not fair to the more recent people to keep getting indefinitely moved down the list because previous people passed. If you are contacted about available puppies and do not reply within a day, I will move on to the next people on the list and remove you from it. I can't ask people to wait an undetermined amount of time while waiting for someone else to reply as to whether or not they want a puppy.

When puppies are marked as "On Hold" or "Tentatively Reserved" it means someone has said they want that puppy, but have not gotten the down payment in yet and their reservation is pending the down payment. If they do not send their down payment, the puppy will not continue to be held indefinitely for them. If a down payment is not sent in a timely manner, (typically within a week, unless other arrangements have been made) then the puppy that they requested will go back to being available to other people.
If the puppy is "Reserved" then the down payment has been made and the puppy is 'officially' reserved for them and will be held until the puppy is old enough to be picked up and taken to it's new home. If a puppy is not picked up at the age when it is ready for it's new home, typically 6-8 weeks old, and prior arrangements have not been made for the puppy to be boarded longer than is typical, the seller reserves the right to sell the puppy to another buyer. Any down payment made on a puppy that has not been picked up when it was supposed to be (abandoned) will be forfeited to help cover the seller's additional expenses towards that puppy. 

Another note; We do not dock our puppies tails or dewclaws. We simply can not justify it. They're going to be pets, and why should I snip pieces of my puppies off just because it's what society thinks is in fashion?? People don't dock golden Retrievers or English Setters tails, and they have the same kind of lovely flag tails that Cockers have, and those breeds are the same kind of hunting dogs that Cockers were originally bred to be. There simply is no reason to remove their tails and take away one of their main means of communication. 

When you Adopt/Purchase one of our puppies, you agree to the Adoption/Sales Terms. 

To see the Terms, Please Click HERE
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