Testimonials Page 2
Testimonials Page 2
Jazz: Cock-A-Chon 
(Lives in New Mexico)

Hi Liz,
                I finally have some great pictures of Jazz.  He just had is first grooming today and he is so cute.  I am sending you a picture before and after grooming.  We are still having a great time with him.  He has his own personality and is so funny....He goes to be neutered and have his chip installed next week....
Jazz Update:

Hi Liz,
                We just got home from the groomer’s and wanted to send you the latest pictures of Jazz.  He went as a Bichon and came home a Cocker Spaniel.  He was adorable before, but now, he the cutest thing I have ever seen.  He and Jack have become great running buddies.  They play together almost all day and then always one last run before bedtime...
                Thank you so much for allowing us to have this adorable dog.  He brings a lot of joy to our home.
Thank you,
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Max: Cock-A-Chon

Hi Liz, 
We've had a great summer getting Max settled into our family. I can't believe how much he's grown in the time that he's been here...he was 8 pounds at his last vet check! Thank you for our new family member!
~Casie & family
Brewer: Cock-A-Chon

Hello Liz,
We thought it would be nice to give you an update on Brewer! We absolutely adore him. He is now 11 months and weighing in at 23 lbs. He is very playful and always eager to please us. He has proven to be a quick learner. We are enrolled in local puppy classes and learning things such as sit, down, and roll over. House training is going extremely well. He now lies quietly at the door when he needs to go outside. He also enjoys playing fetch and going for long walks around the neighborhood and and trails through the bluffs here in La Crosse. More than anything he loves to cuddle and have his tummy rubbed many times a day. Here is a picture of him after his recent haircut.
Thank you for such a great addition to our little family. 
B & E
Lucy: Cock-A-Chon

Loungin', it's what she does best. Besides going nuts, and pestering her BFF to play. She is around 15 pounds now I believe. Her hair is long and wavy, and more like a spaniel....She is professionally groomed every 4-6 weeks, a must since she likes to get into everything, dirt, dust, anything under the couch. She has a ton of energy, so much so that she makes the crazy cockapoo that we have look tame. Very fearless and athletic. She makes leaps a dog her size shouldn't and tries leaps a dog twice her size shouldn't....though she never seems to get discouraged. She is already very good with other dogs, and tones it down considerably with other pups. The potty training took a little longer than we're used to, but she finally came around. 
Lucy, although a crazy ball of energy, has been wonderful. She's brought me countless smiles over the last year. 
Thank You.

Lucy & her BFF, Dezzy, being "good dogs" :)
Max: Cock-A-Chon

Attached is a pic of Max Patch. He is a handsome 22 pound very active puppy. He and Rocko are buds and wherever Rocko goes Max is right there with him. Max is definitely keeping Rocko a younger 11 year old.