Meet Our Family
About Us:                                    
We are your ordinary all-American family of 6; with four children. And, of course our much-loved dogs (along with some various barnyard critters).

One of our favorite family endeavors is raising great family dogs. Our number-one goal is to raise quality puppies that are well-rounded, socialized, and healthy, who will make the best possible family pets.

Meet Our Family
We are a very small-time breeder. These dogs are our pets and friends first & foremost!

We only have 3 or 4 breeding dogs at a time.  By only having a few dogs, 
we're able to keep them as family members and give them the proper attention and
care that they need and desire. We retire them from breeding young enough that they
will have many happy retirement years of only being spoiled pets ahead of them.

From the day our puppies are born, they are handled and loved. Puppies are handled by our young children daily, so are used to, and adore children. 

Everybody that comes in our house holds and 
plays with the puppies. They are handled by 
children & adults, so are used to everybody.  
As they get older, they are introduced to our 
other critters & allowed to socialize with anything 
& everything.  Our puppies are raised as part of 
the family so they are well adjusted, socialized
and excellent with children, cats & other dogs.

Up until 2005-2006 we raised purebred Bichon Frises. But because of the demand for designer non-shed smaller-type dogs that come in a variety of colors, we have revised our breeding program. We are now breeding Cock-A-Chons; creating puppies with the best of both breeds! They are no/low shed with unique colors. They have excellent temperaments, are great with kids and are happy, energetic, sturdy family dogs who typically stay around 15 pounds. 

Our dogs are our family hobby, not our career or income. A good share of the money that we make from our puppies is put right back into giving our adult dogs and our puppies the best possible care, food, toys, supplements & supplies. 

The dogs are part of our family and live in the house with us.  You're 
assured you're not getting a puppy from some terrible puppy mill or 
from  poor dogs living in rabbit cages in a barn or basement! 
Also, we DO NOT and never will agree with or participate in the 
practices of line-breeding or inbreeding!  

All our puppies are vet checked and receive their first shots. They are 
wormed regularly, from the time they are 2 weeks old, as well.   
Our puppies are available to go to their new homes once they have gotten their vet check. We try to     
  arrange to have the puppies go to their new families around 7 weeks old.
A lot of research has been, done, and it has been determined that 7 weeks, NOT 8 weeks, is most ideal for a puppies transition to a new family. At this age, primary "doggy" socialization has already been established because of the puppies direct contact with it's mother and litter mates. The puppy can now identify between itself and humans & recognizes the difference (realizes that it is a dog and humans are humans).  At 7 weeks it does not suffer as much from separation, and bonds faster and better with it's new family. During the eighth week fear of change appears, thus true separation anxiety will effect the puppy when it's transitioned to it's new life and can make the change more traumatic on the puppy (and new family).  Our puppies come with a Puppy Kit which typically includes a sample bag of Puppy food, coupons, health history sheet, puppy care book, and other goodies (usually a toy, blanket, collar & chewies).

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