Meet Our Dogs
How We Decided to Breed Cock-A-Chons and Get "Ranger":
We used to raise purebred Bichon Frises. But, I had numerous people contact me saying "I love the personality & non-shed qualities of a Bichon, but was really looking for a dog in a color other than white." And of course I had to tell them "I'm sorry, but Bichons come in white, white and....white." 
So, I did a lot of research to see what I could do 
about the color-issue. What I found was that 
Cocker Spaniels are an excellent cross with 
Bichons. Cock-A-Chons tend to keep the 
hypoallergenic, low/no-shed qualities of the 
Bichon, but come in a variety of colors. 
And Cocker Spaniels personalities mix very well with Bichons; they are both happy, energetic, good-natured family dogs who strive to please & are excellent with children. Some of the other small breeds would not be a good choice, because they don't allow the Bichon's no-shed characteristic to come through when mixed with a Bichon.  And many are hyper or don't do well with children, and these negative traits could still carry through, even when mixed with a Bichon. 
So once I had decided on the best compatible breed, I was on a mission to find the "perfect" match for my girls & that would fit what I was trying to breed for: small, sturdy, active family dogs who have exceptional temperaments & are absolutely child-friendly, with the added bonus of being no/low-shed & hypoallergenic. 

I found Ranger. 

He was AKC registered and is a rare Blue Merle. You can see information on the merle coloring 
on the "Breeds, Health & Colors" 
page of this websire.  Ranger wass quite a small Cocker, about 18 lbs, who passed on his small size to 
his offspring; they tended to stay under 20 lbs. He was formerly the head sire for a large kennel in the 
southern US. But, one of his sons was so exceptional he replaced Ranger as head-sire. Then 
Ranger went to a show-home where he was scheduled to be shown at the International show. 
Ranger sired another litter of puppies for this owner, and once again put himself out of a job. He 
sired an exceptional litter of tri-colored and merle puppies. It was the quality of litter that breeders 
dream of! Some of the females the breeder decided to keep for future show & breeding stock. So, 
she put Ranger up for sale, kind of hoping that he wouldn't sell before his show.  She fully 
expected him to win his classes. His physique is nearly perfect. But, I snatched him up & the rest 
is history!
 He is a very laid back dog & is not hyper 
                                                              or jumpy. He is excellent with our daughters (the baby learned to walk by 
holding onto his back...he's always very patient with her!) and is the most 
devoted dog I've ever seen. He follows like a shadow and is always sitting 
faithfully at my feet.  He tries his very best to please & it usually only takes 
one lesson for him to learn something.
With his small size, his puppies typically did not getting any larger than about 
20 lbs. He also shed very little, so between him & the Bichon mothers, the 
Bichon cross puppies are all be no/low-shed. All his puppies have been 
black-based colors (black, black & tan, sable, chocolate). I believe he was 
homozygous black, which means he can not produce a buff/red based or 
an all-white puppy. And, Ranger has consistently produced a rainbow of 
colors, with better than 90% of them being merles and partis. And several of 
the merles have blue or partial blue eyes!

Ranger was the foundation of our program. Sadly we lost him to old age in 2018 at the ripe old age of 14 1/2. 
He was a much loved part of our family from 2005 until his passing in 2018 & is very missed. 
We are very thankful to have one of his sons to continue his legacy and our program! 

Meet Our Dogs
Our Girls: 
A quick note about hair-doo-s*
We live in the country on a farmette & the dogs are very much a part of our active lives. They go all over with us and spend a great deal of time running around outside with us. You'll notice that in most of the pictures the dogs' hair is trimmed relatively short. This helps keep the brambles, matts & icky stuff out of their hair. It would be impossible to maintain a "show" groom on them with our lifestyle. The shorter hair style is easier for us and healthier for them.  

On this page:

* Our foundation boy, Ranger

* Why we decided to breed Cock-A-Chons

* Meet The Boys

* Our Girls
Our Foundation Boy, Ranger:
Ranger was an AKC Daddy Cocker Spaniel & was about 18 lbs. Ranger produced better than 90% merle and/or parti.  He produced sable, brown, black, black & tan, and parti-colored, any of which can be combined with Merle!  He wasa very sweet boy who loved nothing more than to tag along or lay at my feet. He was wonderful with the children. He adored them and gave them very thorough face washes if he could sneak some licks in. The babys learned to walk by holding onto his back. He stood there as patient as a saint.

The "girls" in a breeding program are immensely important. They are the heart of the program. They not only produce the puppies, but raise & teach the puppies. Many of the puppies personality traits are learned from their mothers. We carefully selected our girls for temperament, as well as overall health, color & conformation. 
Our girls are purebred and AKC registered.
Here is a little about each of them:

Penny is a enthusiastic little clown and we love her very much. She produced lovely puppies who have her same excitement for life. When it came time for her to become a cherished, pampered pet, she was retired and re homed. 
Thank you Nan for giving our girl her forever home. 
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Our "Gracie" dog gave us some beautiful puppies, including two that we retained; our lovely "Coco" and our future stud "Drifter". She has a sweet, companionable personality & loves to be with her people. She has now been retired and re-homed in a permanent home with a wonderful lady who will pamper & cherish her.
Jake is an AKC Bichon Frise. He produced some very nice puppies for his previous owner, and has now produced some gorgeous Cock-A-Chon puppies for us as well! He's small and has a gentle, sweet, devoted temperament. 
Coco is a Chocolate & Tan Merle AKC Cocker Spaniel.
Coco is Ranger and Gracie's lovely daughter. She will help continue Ranger's genetics in our program. 
She is a petite cocker, just like her parents, so should produce puppies that don't get very large. She's energetic, intelligent, outgoing and very happy.
Her Cock-A-Chon puppies are an exciting rainbow of colors and she is an excellent mommy! 

Meet the Boys:  Our boys are the foundation of our program. Their genetics temperament, and size help produce well rounded puppies that make wonderful companions.
Drifter: Drifter is an AKC Cocker Spaniel and a Ranger son! He's got phenomenal color & conformation. He's a Blue & Tan Merle and has 1 blue eye. He's still a young, so will not be producing puppies until possibly 2019. We have high expectations for the continuation of our program through him.
Daphne:  Daphne is a Bichon Frise. She has a happy, outgoing personality and loves to be loved. She adores everybody and everything. Her spark for life is thoroughly entertaining!
We're hoping to eventually retain a couple of her and Jake's baby girls so we can continue our Cock-A-Chon program through them and our Ranger son, Drifter.