Toby (Cock-A-Chon)
Hi Liz,
Toby is doing wonderful. He is such a happy and playful dog!  Even though he is almost 2, he is still mischievious as well. The kids' stuffed animals are still not safe. He loves to chew them up. The kids just learn to pick up their stuff better. 
We would be interested in purchasing another male. 
Thanks for breeding such wonderful dogs.
Keep in touch,

*Note-This family did come back and purchase another puppy named Boon, who is on the Past Puppies page.
Biddy-Boo (Cock-A-Chon)

Morning Liz,
 I just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know that Biddy Boo is wonderful!...Biddy Boo is settling in great and already follows Riley around. Last night she even slept until 5 am when the other dogs got up with me!...
 Thanks again for everything!

Scraps Of Heaven Farm
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*Testimonials/Update Pictures & Letters

Our puppies have been sold all over the US and even Canada. People have driven & flown here from all over, just to get our puppies.

The highest compliment we can get is when someone either returns to purchase another puppy from us, or refers us to their family & friends who are looking for a puppy. It's now gotten to where at least half of our puppies are sold to repeat buyers, or direct referrals!
On this page and the Past Puppy Pics page, there are a number of puppies who were either purchased through referrals or by repeat-buyers. Thank you so much for your trust!

Here are a few of the wonderful letters and pictures we've gotten from people that have purchased puppies from us in the past. We have gotten numerous happy updates via phone calls as well.

We always love to hear how the puppies are doing & to get pictures & updates!
Please be patient, there are some rather large pictures/files on this page.
They may take a little while to load.
Sherman (Cock-A-Chon):
Hi Liz,
I just wanted to let you know that Sherman is doing great. He weighed 7.5
lbs at his 12 week check-up and the vet said he appears to be a happy,
healthy and well-adjusted puppy. He is doing pretty good with house
breaking though he still has the occasional accident. We are very
impressed with how fast he learns and responds to training. So far, we
have been able to teach him the sit, stand, and lay down commands plus
shake, rollover and sit-up. We took him on his first camping trip 2 weeks
ago and I attached a few photos from that trip. We are so pleased to have
added Sherman into our family. Thanks for providing us with such a great
Ady and Otis
Gomez (Cock-A-Chon):
Hi Liz!!
I can't believe it's almost been a year since I picked Gomez up!  We've been having so much fun ever since!  He's doing so well and is such a smart dog!  He's got all the tricks down, but we are working on staying in our yard (which seems to be a difficult thing to do, but he is making slow progress).  The older he gets, the more energy he has, which is so cute.  He is also such a lover.  He is always trying to cuddle with me or rest his head on me - it just melts my heart!  It's so cool to see how he progresses over time.  He is great around other dogs, including his two Golden Retriever cousins, of which he thinks he's just as big as they are and is always able to keep up with them!  He is great around humans as well, although he takes his "protector" role very seriously and will be sure to bark at any stranger he doesn't know. 
I thought I'd attach some picture so you can see how he's doing.  He kept the blue color in one of his eyes (people are fascinated with this feature).  He weighed 18 pds at his 1 year check-up.  I love to keep his coat long and shaggy, but it's VERY hard to keep up with the matting, especially in the summer, so I'm keeping it on the shorter side. 
The first picture is what I included on my Christmas card.  I loved it!  I even included a little poem:
Although the weather outside is frightful
Gomez is so delightful
Our holiday wish for you
Is peace and joy to last the whole year through!!
The second picture if from Halloween.  I can't believe how he doesn't mind to be dressed up!!! 
The last picture is the most recent one with his FAVORITE toys that he just loves to run around the house playing with! 
We are having such a blast.  Hopefully, you enjoy seeing these cute pictures. 
Happy 4th to you and your family,
Sugar (Cock-A-Chon):
Hi Liz,  I thought that I would send a few photos of Sugar & provide you with an update. Sugar weighs in around 11 pounds at 6 months and we think she will stay about that size. She is very active and playfull so we try to exercise the dogs as much as possible to calm them down a bit.  If the weather is bad we have trained them to run on the tread mill. Sugar loves it and we have a hard time keeping her out of the way if we want to use it ourselves.....Sugar likes to sit on my wife Jackie's lap when we watch TV at night & she has become a part of our family. She likes every one & we have to keep an eye on her if people walk past our house, because she will attempt to run out to greet them.
Thanks again for a great pet,
Toby (Cock-A-Chon):
June 2008
Toby is doing quite well at our summer home - loves the outdoors, chasing chipmunks, robins, trying to eat anything on the ground such as moths, ants, worms etc.  He is growing fast - about 11 pounds, outgrowing his cage, to which he has adapted quite well.  Seems to be fully house broken, as long as we get him outside often enough.  Not long on discipline yet, but still very much a puppy.  We are working on reducing use of his teeth on us and our clothing. 
Took him swimming for the first time yesterday.
Barb and Wayne

Update: Toby 9-11-2008:
Toby had a busy week - grooming Monday, neutering Tuesday, all is fine.  Picked up some fleas, we are treating that and cleaning house and car.  Haven't progressed much on training yet, he is definitely in control.  Loves road trips, hates any separation from us.  Sleeps with us - we love him dearly.
Cooper (Cock-A-Chon):
Hello Liz -
Just thought you'd like to see Cooper, who we purchased from you this spring.  He's a wonderfull little dog, a very good boy,  and has learned many commands - we're still working on COME.  Sometimes he goes to hide in the closet or under the bed, or often just sits down!   He's healthy, about 12.5 pounds now at 5.5 months, and we don't expect him to get too much larger. 
He loves everyone - children & adults, and loves other dogs. He's a great pet!
Toby & Ruby (Cock-A-Chons):
(different dog than the above "Toby")

April 2008
Hi Liz,
I have been meaning to e-mail you for quite some time to update you on Toby, but never seem to get the time. He is growing so fast…he is going in tomorrow for his “summer” haircut!!  We found a great lady to
groom him, she works out of her home and is very reasonable with her prices…she also does free nail clippings between haircuts.  She is quite taken with his cuteness.  He is such a great puppy, we are all so in love with him.  I can’t imagine our home without him. Everywhere we take him, he gets mobbed by people.  I never get tired of hearing “He’s so cute,
he’s so adorable!”  Needless to say, he is a hit wherever we go!!  He is so easy going and so good with all people, I am very proud to take him anywhere we can.  I am glad that school is out now, so we can spend more time with him.  Although, he is not quite used to us being home all the time, so he has to catch quick naps whenever he can…the kids have a hard time leaving him sleep.  “He’s so sweet, we have to pick him up!!”  Before school was out for the summer, I would walk him to school to meet the kids and walk home with them.  All the kids would come out of school and see Toby and have to stop and pet him.  He was always so sweet and gentle around all of them, even when there were tons of hands all reaching in to pet him!!  There were many adults who were very impressed with his calm demeanor and disposition, especially with so much excitement going on around him!! He is very well traveled, too!  We have been to the cabin, and both sets of grandparents and this weekend, we are going to my sister’s house for father’s day, so he will go along for that, too!!  He gets to play with his doggy “cousins”.  My sister has 2 labs, one chocolate and one yellow.  They are both very good with little dogs and Toby isn’t afraid of much.
Thank you, again, for such a wonderful addition to our family!!
Kathy, Deon, Devon, Kailyn and Toby

Hi Liz,
Happy holidays to you and your family!  I can’t believe how fast time has passed us by and I thought you were due for another update and pictures of our puppies…the most photographed dogs in town, I am sure!Well, Ruby is 6 ½ months old and had her spaying surgery last month.  She was 12 pounds on surgery day and everything went well and that didn’t slow her down at all! ...They are such fun dogs and our family has had so many laughs from them, we just can’t imagine our home without them!
...They really do love being with each other, they are so darn cute, too!
Thank you again for such wonderful dogs, our family now feels complete!Merry Christmas

Update: Toby 8-30-2008:
UPDATE: Toby & now his sister Ruby! (Cock-A-Chons)
December 2009
Jack (Cock A Chon):

*Note: Jack belongs to the same family who had Missy. Her story & pictures are posted on the "In Loving Memory" page. Jack is their 'happy ending'.

August, 2008 (1 year old)
Dear Liz,
Jack is a great dog and we just love him!  He's full of spunk and a bit on the mischevious side! As of this month he is 12.6 lbs. His coloring is quite different from when he was small. Most of the darker brown is gone except for some on his ears. Even his black muzzle which looked like a
musthache is fading. His coat is very soft-Missy had some coarse, wiry hair, but Jack does not.
Take care,
Mark, Terrie & Anna
Rascal (Cock-A-Chon):
Just a note to let you know our puppy is doing fine and we love him dearly.  He is exactly what you thought - a rascal - therefore the name. Rascal has gotten big, he has the longest legs..... Before we had him trimmed he looked like a miniature sheep dog. He does not shed and that is good because he thinks he is king of the
castle. We are in a continuous process of trying to train him.  He was easy to train for outside and he is also crate and tote trained - minding now that is another story, but we keep at it.  He is smart and we assume he will eventually decide we know best!!  Doesn't that sound familiar. He certainly has a mind of his own, but is
a very loving dog and loves people.  He is very good with children and loves to play.  When he lays down he seems like he is five feet long with those long legs.  Just wanted you to know he is doing fine and we are glad we have him.  Life is somewhat more complicated again, but that's okay. 
Snoopy (Cock-A-Chon):
Hi Liz!
Snoopy is doing good.....Snoopy is the best puppy! ...He's so soft and snuggly, we just love him so much! 
Thank you for him! 

Snickers (Cock-A-Chon):
December 2009
Snickers is doing wonderful and he is the best dog we could have hoped for. We love him and he is now 2 years old and full of energy. I glad we bought Snickers from you. He is wonderful and he LOVES to eat snow!
The ***** Family
Emma (Bichon):

Hi Liz,
I just wanted to let you know how our pup is doing.  We are completely sold on Bichons!  She is an excellent dog.  We are so happy with her.  My daughters have taught her to sit, laydown, shake and jump over.  She is very smart!  We all love her so much.  Thank you again!  I have attached a couple of pictures...
My daughters talked me into taking Emma to petsmart.  It was quite a funny day!  I never took a dog to visit Santa before.
Merry Christmas!
Maggie (Bichon):

Hi Liz,

Thought you might like an update on Maggie.  She is
doing great.  She had her last vet check for a year
and weighs 7.8 pounds now. 

She plays wild with Lyla the Cocker and gives Tabby
the cat kisses every morning when she wakes up.  She
likes to sleep next to Winnie the St. Bernard.  Winnie
probably keeps her warm. 

Just wanted to let you know that she had adjusted just
fine and has brought "puppy life" back into Lyla. She
is a joy to have. 

Thank you for Maggie!
Jackie (Bichon):


Dear Liz,

I wanted to thank both of you again for coming all the way to Rapids to bring this precious little puppy!
I did end up naming him Jackie- it just fits him - he's comical, loves everybody, not afraid of anything, and
he's so smart! I've only had him a week and he has the routine down pat. This is so amazing for a puppy not
even two months old - he already knows to go to the door and "fuss" to go potty - all I did was give him the
encouragement-he did the rest! What a dog!
And he's not a cry-baby. When I have to leave for work he grabs a toy, drags it to his bed & settles down.
I took Jackie to my vet last Tuesday - clean bill of health. No earmites, no intestinal parasites, not even a flea!
You two should be proud of yourselves for raising such perfect puppies! My vet, who's been in the business for
almost 40 years was just enthralled with this little puppy that he took pictures (a professional hobby of his)
and gave me dozens of them - which I am enclosing to share with you. Isn't he gorgeous!
Well you know Jackie is going to have it made - I love him - and he loves me - ain't that great!
Thanks Again - Sue

Jackie Update: March 2007

Well - I'm in doggy heaven - Thought you might like updated pictures of Jack - He's
truly beautiful & just as sweet!

                                (Jackie 1 1/2 years)    
Bear (Bichon):

December 2005
Bear Update:  March 2006:

Dear Liz,
Just had to send a note to tell you how delighted we are to have Bear a part of our family. He is truly the light in our home....
....I must not forget to tell you, of course, that he is very smart!! Can speak, sit and down on command. Will
fetch until we have to tell him to rest. He retreives a particular toy on command usually on the first try....
...Sincerely, Nancy

Bear update: November 2007:

Dear Liz,
...Bear continues to be the "joy of my life". We walk 4-5 X per day a mile each time.
We know all our neighbors and their dogs. He is very friendly with one Lapso Apso.
I kid they are getting married!...
...Thought you'd like to hear from me.

Sincerely, Nancy.

Bear 2 Years
Henry (Bichon):

December 2, 2005

Hi Liz, Just wanted to give you an update on Henry. He is an awesome puppy. He truly is a curly lap dog. 
He loves his mom! We have our routine and he doesn't like to deviate from it. He has learned to roll-over,
shake, and is sitting, staying, coming and laying down. We're now working on sitting pretty.  He is truly a joy
and I can't thank you enough!!  I gave your name to a friend that I work with. Her mom is retired and interested
in getting one of your puppies.
I hope she does!
Hope all is well with you & your family!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
God Bless.
Mindy (Bichon):

December 2007

Celebrate Mindy's first birthday - she is our little spoiled pup. We are enjoying her - the things she does is so funny.
We love her.
Buddy (Bichon):

December 11, 2005

I don't have any current pictures...We are in Florida for the winter and will return up north in the spring.
My wife and I just wanted to let you know how our "Buddy" is doing and how happy we are with him.
We have had many dogs over the years, but he is the sweetest one we have ever had. His temperment
is perfect....no matter if he is with strangers, kids or other animals.  He has grown to be pretty good
sized...not fat, but tall. I think he weighs about 14 lbs. He got neutered at 9 months, but his behavior
was already very good at that point. Occasionally he gets into trouble, but all dogs do.
He likes to take stuff out of the wastebaskets and chew kleenex to shreds.
Have a good Holiday,
Snowflake (Bichon):
Hi Liz,
Thought I'd give you an update.  My mom absolutely loves Snowflake. 
She looks a lot like my mom's old dog. 
She sleeps with her and is doing well and getting big. 
She potty trained very well and has very few accidents.  
She has "frenzies" as my mom calls them and runs around the house like a maniac. 
She loves people and always wants to go outside.
Enclosed are two recent pictures my mom took. 
She said don't let the angelic look fool you about her. 
Snowflake has been a blessing for my mom and I just wanted to thank you again.
Update: 3-13-2011
Hey Liz..
Hope all is well. I thought I would send you a pic of Boo. She is so hard to photograph and i finally got a decent one.
She is doing well. She just loves the boys and she and Riley are the best of pals! Boo had her surgery two weeks ago and did fantastic!
We just love the dogs!! Thanks
Zoe (Cock-A-Chon):
I have some pictures of our little Zoe. One is before her first hair cut and two after her cut. She weighs in at 13lbs and is full of energy. She can sit, shake, roll over and show her tummy and knows the names of her toys. Her favorite is Mr. Stinky, one of these unstuffed skunks. Her hair is very soft and a little wavy and her legs are long.
The little white dog that came to pick Zoe up is my sister's dog Squeaks. She lives in the Dells and thinks Zoe has way too much energy. They got to play together not too long ago. Zoe is a bit taller than Squeaks but she was the boss. 

Thank you for such a wonderful gift. We really enjoy our bundle of energy!
Squeeks (Cock-A-Chon):
Hi Liz,
...These dogs
have the cutest faces & everybody wants to know about them. I have attached pictures...
Squeeks (above) and Zoe (right) were purchased by sisters. Squeek was purchased a year or so earlier, and everyone enjoyed her so much that Peggy's sister Judy ended up coming to us to purchase her Zoe, so she could have a dog like Peggy's.
Squeek & Zoe
Coby (Cock-A-Chon)

Coby is so great! He actually is 25 lbs. I did get him neutered right away at 6 months and he potty trained really easily. He is VERY loving always wanting to cuddle. He loves to play fetch with the ball. He sits and stays really well too. We love him very much and he is a bit spoiled haha...
Thank you so much for him :)
Lily (Cock-A-Chon)

Hi Liz,
Sorry it has taken us so long to get you pictures and an update. Lily is a great addition to our family and she was so worth the 10 hour drive. As you can see she is a ham and dearly loved. She does not shed at all and has never bothered my kids asthma. Everything you said and wrote about the breed has been right on. Our only regret is that we did not get another puppy while we were there. We hope you and your family are well.
Thank you for breeding such great dogs.
Chris and family
Biddy-Boo loves to retrieve and swim! Here are a couple of videos that her family wanted to share. Enjoy! :)

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